Roofer Life Insurance & Roofer Critical Illness Cover

We deal with many customers here at Trustsured who have what are considered to be higher risk occupations. This is true for roofers and/or anyone who finds themselves working at heights of 15 meters or 50 feet for a good portion of their working week.

Now, most would agree that if your daily occupation involves working at heights outside for most of your working day, then that poses a greater risk of injury or even death than to someone for example who works in an office environment. The problem in the past has been that insurers seemed to think that the difference between the two scenarios above, in terms of risk, was huge and would do all they could to price a quote for an individual such as a roofer so high that they couldn’t afford it, or refused to pay such an excessive premium. The reality was that the insurers didn’t really want to insure those they felt were a much greater risk.

Now, that may still be the case in some circumstances. It’s important to remember not all insurers are the same. There are still the life companies out there who only want to offer life insurance and critical illness cover policies to people who they think will most likely never make a claim. And, if you have a higher risk occupation and approach such an insurer in the search for roofer life insurance, it will probably make your eyes water when they give you the price of the premium.

Life insurance for roofers made easy with Trustsured

It is vitally important to use a broker with a large panel of insurers and a detailed knowledge of the market, such as Trustsured, when looking for a good value policy that covers you not only for the essentials, but also factors in your occupation. We have insurers who we have been working with for many years who fully understand the risks involved in certain occupations and are happy to insure applicants accordingly. There will more often than not be an increase in the cost of a standard premium when working at heights is taken into consideration, but we will make sure that the increase is not extortionate and is appropriately underwritten to take into consideration an individual’s personal circumstances and not just a blanket increase.

Our process is simple. Fill in your details via one of the ‘get a quote’ tabs and let us know when is best to call you. You will be assigned a dedicated point of contact who will work with you throughout the entire process. They will ask you to explain exactly what it is you require from your personal protection, including any partner or family protection you would like. They will also take details about your occupation, for example as a roofer, the heights you typically work at and for how long, as well as some basic questions about your health and well being. Your dedicated point of contact will then explain all of your options along with accurate figures of costs. It’s then up to you to make an informed choice as to which option you would like to pursue. We complete everything over the phone and the application process can take as little as 10 minutes, after which, in many cases your cover will be active, and you can rest assured you and your family are protected.

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So, if you are interested in looking at your options for roofer life insurance or critical illness cover and would like to talk to us, fill in your details and we’ll be in touch. We also offer a comparison service, so if you think you may be paying more than you need to for a life insurance or critical illness cover policy you already have and would like us to see what other options could be cheaper or more comprehensive, we are more than happy to review it for you.

In summary, if you are a roofer or have an occupation that involves working at heights, don’t be fooled into thinking life insurance and/or critical illness policy premiums should be huge because of the job you do. Let us do the job of reviewing the market for you and finding a policy that suits you and at the right price!