Will suffering from fibromyalgia affect my life insurance?

That is a question that takes a bit of explaining, but in short,  yes, it is perfectly possible to get a life insurance policy and critical illness cover if you suffer with fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, that will not be the case for all sufferers in all circumstances.

Fibromyalgia is probably the condition which people find most difficult in understanding. That difficulty can be witnessed not just in the suffers themselves and the people around them, but also from the medical and scientific community, and the medical professionals who’s job it is to help treat the condition.  That’s because fibromyalgia is a condition that is not yet fully understood by science or medicine. There is no known cause for the condition and sufferers have reported a varied list of events which they feel may have triggered the initial symptoms including general illnesses or an operation, stressful life events such as divorce or bereavement as well as having a baby. It is events like these that are often also reported as the causes of ‘flare ups’ for the condition. Although a definitive cause is not yet known, the consensus is that fibromyalgia is strongly linked to imbalances within the central nervous system.

A life insurer will take some key considerations into account and ask you questions relevant to these factors as part of the health and lifestyle application questionnaire you will be asked to complete.

What questions will I be asked if I suffer from fibromyalgia and am looking for life insurance?

  • How recently you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia
  • How much the condition affects your daily living
  • What medication you take to treat the condition
  • If you have had to stop work or do fewer daily activities due to fibromyalgia
  • If the condition ahs lead to other related conditions such as depression or anxiety

As with many medical conditions that need to be taken into consideration for a life insurance application, how long you have been diagnosed with a condition can have an affect on if you will be accepted for the cover. If it is very recently you received a diagnosis, for example in the last 6 months, there is a possibility you will be told by most insurers they wish to “postpone” the application. This is essentially the insurer saying, “not now, come back to us in 3/6/9 months and let’s have another look then”. Why do they do this? It’s to allow more time for all parties concerned to get a grip on how well they are able to cope with the condition. To assess if it deteriorates at all, stays the same, or the symptoms get less pronounced once treatment starts.

This leads onto the next three considerations. How much the condition affects daily living and what medications are used to treat the condition and at what dosages. These two issues are extensions of those listed above. For example, if after diagnosis and living with the condition for some time, a person finds themselves able to continue with their occupation and arrives at a course of treatment both they and their doctors are happy with, then this indicates to an insurer that the fibromyalgia is being successfully maintained and treated. On the other hand, if a sufferer is finding it difficult to cope with work, or the condition seems to fluctuate in it’s severity or even worsen over time and there is the requirement for more or stronger medication, then it is likely an insurer will ask for more time to pass before they make a decision.



What if I suffer from a mental health condition that is linked to fibromyalgia?

Due to the nature of the condition, fibromyalgia can often lead to mental health issues for sufferers, commonly in the form of depression and/or anxiety. These can, in some cases, become quite severe and create problems for those affected that can have as big an impact on their life and well being as the cause condition itself. This is why mental health disclosures that are linked to fibromyalgia are taken into consideration by insurers in the assessment of an application. Now, that doesn’t mean if you suffer from any mental health issues then you will be turned down for life insurance. Far from it in fact. As with the other elements discussed above, the length of time since diagnosis, severity of the condition/s disclosed, the level of impact on daily living they have and the type and dosage of medication will all be taken into consideration. 

As you can see, the general course taken in the assessment of an application for fibromyalgia, as with any medical disclosure is this; the length of time since diagnosis, how much of an effect the condition has of the sufferer and how well the condition is managed to a degree to limit it’s severity as much as possible.

But this is all theoretical. And as we have found out here at trustsured, each case is individual and different and therefore need to be considered as such. That is why we have dedicated case managers for all our customers how understand the conditions they talk to their customers about as well as how each of our panel of insurers will view a case. This allows our team to accurately feed back all the options available to you so that you can make an informed choice on which provider and at what cost will suit you best.

How can Trustsured help, if you suffer from fibromyalgia?

Don’t leave it up to chance. As this can lead to many hours of frustrating phone calls and lengthy forms to complete. Instead, simply complete your details via one of the ‘get a quote’ tabs, and let us know when you would like a call. We will take the time to listen to your personal circumstances and requirements before we explain in detail the options available. All of the quotes we provide will be sent to you with any supporting information, so that you can make a decision in your own time. If you choose to complete an application with us, it will be completed over the phone with your dedicated case manager from start to finish.

So if you are affected by fibromyalgia and would like to look at what life insurance and/or critical illness cover options are available, get in touch and let us talk you through what the market and we at trustsured can offer.